Jeff Kimes
Jeff Kimes
Content Strategy and Copywriting

The Science of Copy
The Art of Connection

Copywriting and Email Marketing

for Inspired Health and Lifestyle Businesses


Your business has the power to change lives, shift culture, make the world a happier, healthier, better place

You have the Vision.

                        Your Mission is clear.


But you need push through the crowd

                or risk being buried alive

Suffocating into irrelevance

     Struggling to connect to the people you know you can help

                          Confusing your prospects

or worse....

  ...boring them



You need...

 the right words to resonate

                    in their hearts

                               and their minds


                 Powerful copy

                                                                          translating the frontiers of science

                                                       into the language of emotion

                                   to Inspire as much as you Inform Grow a loyal following of the right people



so you can

Make an Impact



My name is Jeff

I help health and lifestyle businesses on a mission 

           overcome the burden of ineffective and confused copy...

    find their voice

                   to inform and authentically connect 

with potent copywriting and strategically designed content.

Copy creates action. It makes clicks and sales. Content attracts and paves the way... 

        ...the yin to copywriting's yang

My signature service is a 7 day story-driven email sequence. 

Hand-crafted to build a lasting relationship with your audience, entertaining while educating, all while building up to an irresistible sale for your ideal customer. 


Other Potential Projects Include:

  • Content Strategy and Execution
  • Landing Pages
  • Compelling Web Copy
  • Persuasive Sales Pages
  • VSL Scritps
  • Or something totally unique to you...






I believe...

Connection is King

   People want to feel seen, heard, understood. They want to connect.

They want to know you care.

Your words create and define your relationship with your audience. 

What kind of relationship are you creating?


This philosophy is the foundation of my approach to copy. 



Content is Queen

Your content is your vehicle. It's how you build trust and authority with your audience. 

        And it's gotta be good to stand out.

Cutting edge, authoritative, well-researched, compelling. 

As a former neuroscience researcher, I give you a massive advantage here.


               Pure information is just a mouth full of saltines... too dry. Tasteless.

          It needs a little sugar to help the medicine go down. 

(metaphoroical sugar... actual sugar is terrible for you)


Stories speak to both Heart and Brain

By connecting and educating you engage the whole person. 

        You capture attention

       Stories, anecdotes, metaphor

Are a delivery mechanism for your message



What Clients Say:

"I'm bowing down to your talents and doing the happy dance at the same time. Impressive and impactful writing!"

-Julie S., Canada


Jeff is a talented and creative writer with a keen sense of what the particular audience needs in order to make a buying decision. I look forward to working with Jeff again.

 -Josh V., Colorado


I'm blown away with the quality of work Jeff has done. He was able to take the very little ideas that I had, and make a masterpiece.

– Yulia, Florida


Love Jeff's creativity and amazing talent! I think he has another hidden talent - reading minds :) as he read my chaotic one and was able to put it on the paper! Highly recommend him!

-Natalya K., Atlanta



“I am truly impressed with the work Jeff has completed for our website. He actually delivers content  faster than I could have imagined. He syncs well with the personality of your projects and is a smart writer.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

                   – Timothy A., Seattle




are Fundamental Principles  of Nature


Let's Collaborate and Make an Impact

I view my client work as a collaboration.

We are working together to create something greater, bigger, better, visionary.

With a foundation of clear communication and aligned values, we can make a real impact for your business and the people you serve


Here's the next steps:

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  3. I will follow up within 24 hours to schedule a free 20 minute consultation to see how I can best be of service to your mission. 




Available upon request.