Quitting Smoking


Quitting smoking is one of the most health-empowering choices you can make for yourself, and Acupuncture is a potent ally in your journey to being nicotine free. It is important, however, to be clear about what acupuncture can and cannot do.


Addiction is a multi-layered problem, involving physiological, psychological, environmental, lifestyle, and habitual aspects. Realistically, addressing the physiological side of addiction without looking at the psychological or environmental cues that reinforce the addiction will ultimately be ineffective. By the same token, solely trying to change behavior without addressing the physiological components would be equally shortsighted. An integrative, holistic approach is necessary for successfully quitting smoking, and this is how Tacoma Acupuncture can help you.


Before anything, we make a full assessment of dietary, lifestyle, personal and family history, and all the circumstances that are present in your state of addiction so we can best know how to serve your unique situation. We provide special acupuncture sessions to help manage your cravings, reduce the anxiety of quitting, and help address the fundamental imbalances in addiction. We offer powerful herbal remedies to help heal your body, relieve symptoms of withdrawal, and restore your vitality. We also offer suggestions of lifestyle and dietary changes that will aid you in your journey to tobacco-free health.

You must understand, however, that our services are a powerful and valuable support in this process, not a miracle cure. We will help you with our knowledge and expertise, but the ultimate source of the power to quit comes from inside you. Only you can do this. And we are honored to help you get there. Schedule your appointment today!


Weight Loss


Millions of Americans struggle with their weight. It has been declared by some sources to be the greatest public health crises we have ever faced. Like most health issues, obesity has no single source, stemming rather from a constellation of factors: genetics, nutrition, exercise, and psychology. Acupuncture cannot help you run 5 miles a day or change your DNA, but it can help create conditions to help make metabolic and behavioral change a reality.


Thousands of people around the world have used Acupuncture as an integral part of a holistic health plan. Because each body is different, different approaches are used in each case. Generally speaking, however acupuncture can help:


  • Increase metabolism, helping to burn more calories and avoid fat storing food as fat

  • Manage cravings by regulating the hormones controlling hunger and blood sugar levels

  • Reduce appetite  with stimulation of specific nerves relating to the gut

  • Balance Emotional Disturbances, thus decreasing emotionally-driven eating

If you struggle with weight, come in today and see for yourself what acupuncture can do for you.




Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? Does that perpetual almost-sneeze face or those itchy, watery eyes endlessly distract you and keep you from being fully present? It doesn’t need to be that way this year!


Acupuncture is a tested and effective treatment for many kinds of allergies.


Inflammation reduction is a very well-researched medical application of acupuncture, and allergies are really just a specific type of inflammation that occurs in reaction to environmental particles. By stimulating specific points around the sinuses, inflammation is reduced, swelling and congestion subside, and the nasal passages are reopened to the naturally free and clear breath, often within minutes of of a single treatment.

And all without any mind-fogging side-effects so common with over-the-counter anti-histamine medications! We can also make dietary and lifestyle suggestions to help keep the allergic inflammatory reaction to a minimum, helping to ensure lasting relief, a clear mind, and a deep, full breath.

Pain Relief


Acupuncture is a safe and effective, non-invasive treatment for pain relief and all with none of the mentally clouding or addicting side effects of pharmaceuticals.

In fact, pain relief is the single most well-documented and proven application of Acupuncture, with thousands of published scientific papers investigating its efficacy.
Acupuncture can not only help alleviate the symptoms of pain, it can also help accelerate the healing process of the fundamental causes and create movement towards real resolution instead of constantly treating symptoms. Ease your pain and heal your body safely and quickly by scheduling a session!






The treatment of anxiety is another common use of modern acupuncture. Anxiety is the most common mental ailment worldwide and can be a debilitating condition, leaving you suffering and alone, unable to even reach out for help. And yet even more trying can be the toxic and side-effect ridden regimens of poorly understood psychopharmaceuticals pushed by marketing departments.

Generally speaking, anxiety has its roots in the body’s natural stress response, which for a variety of reasons may be hyperactive in an individual. Using an individually tailored treatment plan to your unique circumstances, acupuncture acts on the nervous system and endocrine system gently, non-invasively, and immediately. Regular treatment will help rebalance your hormone levels, release obsessive thoughts, and melt away nagging tensions. With virtually no risk, acupuncture can help you remember what it is to be relaxed, comfortable in your skin, right here, right now. Schedule an appointment to see how Tacoma Acupuncture can help!