Copy Audit and Consult


We’ve all got blind spots.

We are all limited by our perspective.

This is especially true in Business.

We can get so wrapped up and entangled in everything...

...we can't see the forest through the trees...

...we lack objectivity...

We don’t truly understand how other perceive us.

That’s exactly why you need Copy Audit.


What could a different perspective mean for your business?


Higher conversions? A more authentic, vibrant brand?

A bigger following? 

More sales?   ...or peace of mind?


Maybe all of them...


In health, a second opinion can mean the difference between surgery and a simple diet change.

In business, it can be the difference between stagnation and explosive growth.


Here’s what I do:

I go through your website twice:

Once totally fresh and unbiased. 

Then again with with all the business, avatar, and market info you send me.

This gives me 2 perspectives to compare and contrast.

I observe the gap and find creative ways to bridge it. 


A few points I pay particular attention to:

  • Voice and consistency
  • Clarity and flow
  • User experience of the site as a whole
  • Calls-to-Action
  • The overall narrative told by your site
  • Your about page and origin story


I distill my observations into a detailed intel report with strategic suggestions and potential directions for building your business... 

...including a to-do list so you have clarity on your next action steps.


Then we set up a 20 minute call to go over impressions, suggestions and questions.


If you’re looking for actionable advice you can implement immediately, this is for you.


Click the “Collaborate” Button below and write “Copy Audit” in the subject line



Email Autoresponder Sequences


Marketing gurus will tell you “the money is in the list.”

But it’s not the whole story.

(There’s plenty of unprofitable email lists out there.)


The money is in the relationship.

It’s in the connection you create with people and the value you give them.


There is no better way to do this than email.


It gives you a direct line to your target audience  

right to the same place where they make important decisions and communications:

their inbox.


It's exponentially more intimate and valuable than banner ads or cold traffic



In email, you have an opportunity to let your personality through, to tell stories, to build trust by providing value and insight...

...and once in a while give them an offer they can’t refuse


Through serialized, story-driven email sequences you engage, entertain, and educate

...and SELL...

your audience.

And when you automate it… can scale it...








The online world runs on copy.

Every click, every purchase, every opt-in…

..the consequence of the right words.

A headline, a video script, a landing page, an endearing origin story, an irresistible offer …


Your words are a critical piece in the achievement of your mission

the growth of your business


The words “Persuasion” and “Conversion” get thrown around a lot

But it’s ultimately about connection and empathy.

What does the reader care about? What are they feeling?


Engage them emotionally them the value you offer…

(nobody likes to be "told" anything)

...the possibilities you bring…

and you might even gain more than a customer

…perhaps  a fan…. a friend… or maybe… just maybe…  even an ally

Let's work together

          to get your business to pop off the page

    and into minds and hearts

                                               and wallets



Content Strategy and Marketing

If copywriting is the push, content is the pull.

The yin to copywriting's yang.

I combine two very dynamic strategic methods to create an evergreen content strategy...

for infinite content permutations 

so you can endlessly improvise within a defined framework.

never run out of ideas again

One that keeps your content strategically aligned

to advance your business goals and attracts the right people.


I focus on:

  1. Your Brand Story:

              How you help your customer overcome their obstacles to achieve their goals and transform themselves.

(deep down every story is a story of transformation)

    2. The Buyer’s Journey:

              The discrete steps a prospect takes to enter into your sphere of influence, build the relationshiop, and become a customer….

And all the objections, pot holes, and hangups that happen at each step


Each framework highlights different strategic opportunities for content to speak directly to the emotional needs and desires of your prospect.

This is deep strategy and weaves in your branding, your message, and your long-term business goals into one integrated framework.

This is your treasure map to content gold.

Ready to take things to the next level?