Step 1

Clarifying and Visioning

I want to have a crystal clear understanding of your needs and goals. Not just in terms of copy or content, but how it fits into the bigger vision.

I’ll send you a questionnaire to start the process. Then we schedule a call for a more in-depth discussion on how I can best be of service to your business.

I will write up a proposal with a timeline based on our conversation.

After review and approval, I require a 50% deposit up-front to begin work.


Step 2

Research and Strategy

Before I write a word, I immerse myself in your world. I dig into your story, your passions, the details of your business, the market niche, all of it.


I will set a GoogleDrive to share with your team so we can easily access


My job here is to find your best nuggets, the most compelling narrative, your unique awesomeness that stands out from everybody else.


Step 3

The Craft

I pull together all the backend research, the stories, testimonials, big ideas, and come out with the voice, phrasing, copy and content that connects to the heart of your market and drives your business goals


I submit my first draft and wait for your honest feedback.



Step 4


Revisions are a collaborative effort. We both want this to be a stellar piece of work, to be an asset to your business.


With clear, open, and honest communication, I work your feedback into the writing and we come away with something we are both excited about.



Step 5:


I will write up an easy guide explaining the purpose and different aspects of the copy along with suggestions on how to best leverage it for your business.


You sign off on the final draft, and pay me the remaining 50%.