Jeff Kimes
Jeff Kimes
Content Strategy and Copywriting




Personalized Copy and Content Strategy for Authentic Connection

I am a rare bird in the apiary of copywriting: science meets art in the wild and unpredictable beauty of the human story.


I’ve worked in underground labs with full biosuits with respirators and infectious diseases. I’ve sliced microsections of frozen rat brains. I’ve taken pictures of schmooing yeast centrioles at 90,000X magnification. I know science.


As a musician, I've performed for audiences of thousands and built a music brand from zero to main stage headliner. I know how to connect to an audience.


I’ve traveled the world, lived in the farthest flung and most disparate cultures. I've trekked the through deserts on camel back, meditated in himalayan caves, and explored everywhere in between. I know how to adopt different worldviews and perspectives.


So what?


I bring a set of intangibles to my writing that few can match. I bring a depth of experience and dedication to your business, a commitment to work together to create something incredible – and profitable.