I am a lifelong creative with a very wide range of knowledge and experience. Educated in both sciences and humanities I have a unique ability to translate between technical and artistic fields. My science background is in Molecular Biology with a focus in Neuroscience and Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), while my humanities education is in Japanese language and translation. I have worked worked in a variety of industries including biotech, marine biology, translation, management, sales, and even as a tour guide, all of which inform my ability to create powerful, deeply-researched copy that connects and entertains specific audiences for targeted outcomes. Specifically related to copywriting, I have trained extensively with AWAI (largest direct response copywriting organization in the world) and with copyblogger media,  one of the highest quality and most prolific content marketing organizations on the internet). I am an intrepid world traveler (former travel blogger) and passionate musician (some of my music), which cultivated my interpersonal sensitivity, the ability to listen deeply, and creatively communicate with people from all different cultures and walks of life. I am a dedicated meditator and yogi, aiming to be of the fullest and most committed service I can to my clients and humanity at large.