Who Speaks for the Soul of Your Business?

Your business is an extension of yourself.

Realistically, you probably put more time and energy into your business than just about anything else.

More than your hobbies. More than any other friendship.

Probably more hours than you spend with your spouse or even sleep. (Kinda disturbing when you think about it like that, isn’t it?)

Our business is our “baby.”

It’s a little piece of ourselves manifested externally, doing good work out there in the world.

The Voice of Your Business

So when it comes to articulating your business’s mission, its truth, its vision, the transformation it makes possible for all those wonderful people sitting around desperately wishing for someone just like you to come and help them…

When sales depend on clearly expressing the big promise of what your business makes possible for others…

Your voice is your most valuable asset.

It is how anybody hears about who you are, what you do, or what you can make possible for them.

By voice, I mean, your words. The way you communicate. The priceless moment of connection where you impart the passion uniquely expressed in the remarkable condensation of the universe that is your business.

This is copywriting.

It is not an expense.

It is an investment.

It’s like nutrition… if you don’t eat well, you won’t feel well, perform well, or create the impact you so deeply desire.

More than your website, or your fancy funnel design or anything else… if you can’t communicate clearly, persuasively, and emotionally about what it is you do, nobody will buy it.

Or (even worse), you’ll speak to the wrong person and attract horribly mismatched customers. This is probably the single greatest way to begin hating your business.

The Tinder of Copy

When you hire an outside copywriter, you’re hiring someone to speak for the soul of your business.

This strange person you barely more is going to BE you, speak for you, speak for all that you have created, all that you hope for, all the hours and inspiration, and risks you took to get where you are.

Why would you ever hire someone who isn’t going to treat your life’s work with depth and heart?

Reducing this relationship as a transactional commodity… it’s sort of like going to tinder when you’re looking for a long term relationship.

Yeah you might get some wham-bam copy squeezed out in a fit of heavy breathing… but is it going to last? Is that really what your business needs?

The Golden Opportunity Nobody Is Taking

There’s a very special opportunity here.

It’s an opportunity to become a category of one, to set yourself up as the ONLY choice for your best prospects.

As more and more business goes online, the marketplace will slowly become more and more crowded. The opportunity lies in the laziness of everyone else.

Because most businesses are content to hire commodity copy, resigning themselves to flacid messaging with less flavor than saltine.

Paradoxically, this makes a strong voice stand out even more, and set you further ahead of bland, faceless masses.

Copywriting isn’t a commodity. It isn’t an expense.

It’s the 1-inch punch you can use to convert.

It’s a secret superpower for creating lasting relationships with your audience and becoming a recognized a badass in your niche.

Advice From Indiana Jones

So when it comes to writing your copy or choosing a copywriter…

Remember, this is important. This matters.

Choose wisely...

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Jeff Kimes