Therapeutic Yoga



Is your body slowing down? Getting creaky?


Maybe you tell yourself that this is “just part of getting old”....

Or maybe you've met one of those remarkable gems, 85 years old and still hiking, swimming, running, dancing, and traveling—totally full of life and vitality—and wonder how did they do that?


I can tell you how they didn't do it.


They weren't just lucky.


It wasn't their genes.


And they didn't get there with that one magic pill, that newest supplement, that one fitness fad from 20 years ago nobody remembers.


They achieved lasting health and vitality, joy and fulfillment, through cultivated practice. They built up habits of health and happiness.


And you can do it to.


You have the power to reshape your life, to heal and strengthen your body, to awaken your spirit, and live a truly fulfilling life—from the inside out.


And I can help you get there.


It all starts with your relationship to yourself and your body.


Therapeutic Yoga from a Certified Yoga Therapist


Yoga is an ancient system of healing and spiritual development from India, with a history going back over 5,000 years. It is rooted deep wisdom that brings holistic balance to your whole being: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


You've probably already heard of it :)


And there's a reason it's become so popular in the west. The vitalizing and uplifting benefits of yoga are almost countless and have to be experienced to be believed.


The “therapeutic” part comes from the modern healing discipline of kinesiology and bio-mechanics. Combining these two complementary fields also creates a way to mindfully work around and slowly heal existing injuries.


By strengthening our core and slowly increasing our mobility, we increase circulation, our energy increases, and our body's natural healing mechanisms are activated in a systematic and safe way.


This system is adaptable to anyone's body and anyone's condition.


There's no need to feel ashamed!


Everyone starts right where they are at. It doesn't matter how old you are, you much you weigh, how inflexible you are. Whatever your habits, stories, or conditions, you can do this.


You can create the health and dream life you deserve from the ground up.


What matters is starting.


And step-by-step, breath-by-breath I will help you get stronger, healthier, more flexible, vibrant and confident.


So Who am I?

My name is Julie Seibt, and I am here to help and empower you.

I am an internationally Certified Yoga Therapist, and have een working in the yoga, fitness and wellness fields for 30 years. In these three decades, I’ve seen countless trends come and go and what I offer is not a trend; it is a practice for life with transformational results.


I've also seen where most people get stuck, how we let injuries hold us back mentally and emotionally. I've seen how profoundly our psychological and physical well being is so deeply intertwined.


And I've learned through years of my own practice and working with clients how to get un-stuck. I have developed methods to cultivate positive momentum and lasting changes that radiate out and benefit all areas of your life: your energy, your relationships, your work life, those magical passing moments of eye contact with strangers.


Re-Enchant Your Life!


What I teach is a holistic way of being. It is all about listening to your body, listening to what is right for YOU. Not what someone else says is right for you, or some “expert” thinks is right for you.


What your body TELLS you is right for YOU.


And once you start listening and paying attention to your body, a whole new world opens up.


I start with the physical, but the principles of what I teach are applicable to your whole life.


By paying mindful attention to the subtle messages of our bodies, you begin to hear other subtle messages.


Your intuition begins to develop and get clearer. Your connection to nature, the felt connection to life itself begins to grow stronger—not as some concept or idea, but as a fully lived experience.


Learn and Grow Right in Your Own Home!


My therapeutic yoga clients from private sessions, group classes, workshops, local and international retreats tell me now much my offerings in yoga have changed their lives. Even with all those events, I can’t be there all the time. I can't help everyone in person.

My purpose in designing this course is to provide teachings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with lifetime access to anyone who is serious about wanting to feel better in their body, mind and heart.


I teach you how to honor your body and stay safe within your personal limitations. The online format lets you go at your own pace and work around your own schedule. No commuting, no working around some studio's schedule or parking hassles.

You can do 10 minutes a few times a week or you can do an hour a day 7 days a week! It's all about whatever feels right for you.


You will learn top diagnostic and therapeutic movements and postures that have helped my clients over the years, starting from basic yoga poses and

advanced exercises.


You will learn how to customize them to your needs and develop a home program that supports your body to do more of what you love, longer.

And most importantly, I teach you to be your own teacher.


If you don't get something, go back and do it again! Nobody is judging you. You're not holding anybody back but yourself.


This is all about you. Your development and growth. Your health.

Your life.

Your future.


Empower Yourself!


It will take work, but it is joyful work. And it will take time. But if you put in the work and you put in the time, the lasting transformational benefits will repay you for decades to come. It's a opportunity to ensure your golden years are truly golden and rich with life.


Self-care is not just a responsibility, it is a loving gift to ourselves.



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Therapeutic yoga is perfect for EVERYONE who is willing to care for their body in order to have more vitality, less pain, more strength and less stress or to just feel better to do more!